The duration of the rent is stated in the contract. This duration is irrevocable. It can be terminated in advance by mutual agreement, and according to Article 9 of these conditions.
The rent start on the date of delivery or pick up stated in the contract, and, in any case, within a time limit of 5 working days from the date of disposal of the car/cars notified by the Renter by mail, e-mail, or purchase order. If the rent is by the month, the rent finishes the previous day of the last month of rent.
A – The rent is subject to the payment of a fee which rate and periodicity is stated in the contract.
The rent covers 3.500 km (Three thousand five hundred kilometres) per month over which 800 Ar/ km (Ariary Eight Hundred +VAT per kilometre) will be charged to the Renter by the lesser.
The customer or his representative must signed the logbook of the car at the end of the rent.
The Renter pays for the fuel throughout the duration of the rent. Car/cars are supplied to the customer with full tank. The Renter must return the car with a full tank at the place of departure or will be charged with the cost of the fill-up for each vehicle.
Payment of invoices is due within 7 (seven) days after receiving the invoice or otherwise as stated in the special conditions of the contract. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer or also by standing order signed by the customer together with the contract.
If the client moves to another address, he has to notify the lesser at least one day before the scheduled payment.
Dates of beginning and end of rent are defined by mutual agreement between the lesser and the Client.
B – From the beginning of the rent and during the duration of the rent, the fee will not be changed except in case of official change in the tax rate that both parties accept to apply to the amount of the rent.
C – In case of delay in the payment, the lesser may charge a fee at the interest rate of the day, and occasionally will be refunded by the Renter for the cost occurred for debt collection, notwithstanding the right of the lesser to terminate the contract without notice.
A–The parties will agree on a date for the delivery of each vehicle. The lesser provides the vehicle together with registration documentation, and official papers requested by law such as technical compliance certificate. Renter, by taking possession of the vehicle, signing the rental agreement and the specific acceptance of these general conditions, acknowledges that the vehicle is in satisfactory order and condition for its intended use and that all the items described above are in the vehicle.
B– The manufacturer guarantee applies to the vehicle according to the general conditions of the manufacturer or the car dealer guarantee 
C-At the end of the rent, Renter will return the car with all documentation belonging to the car at the return location stated in the contract. 
D-In case of marking, or any advertisement made on the car by the client, he will be charge by the lesser with the cost of painting and necessary body works.
D- At any time and with the agreement of the Renter, the lesser may replace the rent vehicle with a similar one.  If the car is damaged by an accident, the replacement may be done without the consent of the Renter. In both cases, the mileage of the new car will be added to the mileage of the replaced one.
A- Renter together with Lesser’s driver shall ensure the proper upkeep of the vehicle, the greasing and check the level of all lubricants and break fluid;
Renter shall exonerate lesser from any claims advanced from third parties because of damages suffered by personal properties or, in any case, properties kept in the rented vehicle.
Renter recognizes not to have any right on the rented vehicle, nor its accessories, so that the client cannot take possession of anything, nor make a wrong use of it;
Renter shall not use or drive the vehicle or allow it to be used or driven:
a) Outside Madagascar;
b) For hire;
c) For pushing or towing any vehicle;
d) Under the influence of drugs, intoxicants, alcohol or narcotics, or any other substance that could reduce man’s ability to thing and act;
d) In any race competition or speed test;
e) For any illegal purpose;
f) By any person other than the lesser’s drivers;
Renter shall respect and follow the driver’s decision if the driver feels that road conditions are not suitable for the vehicle.
C- Renter shall be responsible, following article L21 of ordinance N°58-1216 of December 15, 1958 for all fines, legal costs and any charge for tolls or parking during the rental period and compensate Lesser for all charges incurred;
A- Although maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the Lesser, Renter shall keep the car in good running conditions.  Renter shall inform the lesser of any problem resulting in car malfunction. Especially, in case of ripping of a tyre due to tough conditions and not attributable to the driver, Renter will be charge with the cost of a new tyre. 
B- Renter shall in this particular occasion, have the necessary work performed in a Lesser approved workshop.
C- Lesser will replace the tyres every 35,000 km at his own cost
E- In case the car is recalled by the manufacturer for conformity update or check, relating cost will be born by the lesser and a complementary car will be granted to the Renter without accrued mileage.
F- The mileage meter of each vehicle must be kept in good condition since indicated mileage serves as a basis for billing in some cases.
Renter must inform the lesser in case of malfunctioning of the meter within three working days.  Repair cost will be born by the lesser.  If Renter fails to inform the lesser, the car is considered as being use over 150 km per day and Renter shall be charged for extra mileage cost foreseen in the contract, if any.
G- In any case, Renter shall pay for:
- Fuel and oil top-ups necessary for keeping levels between two maintenances, 
-Towing and repairs in case of breakdown resulting from lack of fuel or puncture, 
- Car security, garage and washing and, as a general rule, everything necessary for maintaining the car body in good condition,
-Towing, storage and other cost resulting from car immobilisation for whatsoever reason.
-Replacement of tyre outside normal wear and tear and conditions of Art 6.
- Technical repairs including spare parts arising from inappropriate use of car/cars.  Repair estimates shall be prepared by authorized car dealers and are reputed accepted by the Renter without limitation whatsoever.
A- During car maintenance or repair exceeding 48 hours, scheduled or unscheduled, Lesser will grant the Renter a complementary car of same category, according to car availability.
B-If Renter’s responsibility is determined in an accident or car damage, lesser will charge Renter for the insurance minimum liability amount and the complementary car will only be given to the renter after payment of this amount.
A- Insurance costs are born by the lesser. 
B- In case of an accident Renter shall:
a) Inform Lesser immediately on the telephone and send him the accident’s report within 24 hours filling up the form “CID” in all its parts or, without that, a detailed declaration of the accident;
b) In case of physical injury, inform the nearest Police authority in town or nearest « Gendarmerie » outside town;
c) Take note of the name and address of all parties involved in the accident: witnesses and insurance companies included.
d) Take pictures if possible
d) Give lesser any other useful information;
e) Follow Lesser’s instructions concerning the provision to be made for the safeguard or the repair of the vehicle.
C-Accident occurring without lesser’s driver will be fully charged to the Renter
It is agreed by Renter that in case of non-payment of an invoice or non-fulfilment of one of the duties of the Renter, the contract can be cancelled by the lesser, if he wishes.
In that case, Renter must return at his own cost the car/cars in good condition immediately to the lesser.
All disputes arising about the contract shall be first discussed out-of-court. If the dispute can not be solved, the Court of Antananarivo shall be legally qualified.
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The Renter

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